Horse riding wildlife safaris in Kenya


he very best safaris are those that bring you closest to nature. It should be one of the greatest experiences of your life. Our wildlife adventures across East Africa in private mobile camps and small boutique lodges are just that. Every wildlife safari is custom designed. Your family holiday is meticulously thought through and planned by your private safari guide. This wildlife journey will take you through territory teeming with game, across an awe-inspiring range of ecosystems with remarkable cultural diversity and into country that is well off the beaten track.

Where We Explore

Africa is immense and never ceases to deliver an intense sensory overload. From the semi-arid deserts of Northern Kenya to the thick rainforests and active volcanoes of the Albertine Rift in the Congo and Uganda, our safaris traverse the most diverse country on the African continent. Rising from tropical sandy beaches and turquoise seas to the dramatic scenery of the Great Rift Valley, East Africa offers some of the most exhilarating safari experiences. The great open savannahs of the Serengeti and Mara plains present unparalleled wildlife adventures, whilst the snow-capped peaks of Mt Kenya and Kilimanjaro descend to endless unfenced short grass plains, home to fascinating cultures within the cradle of mankind.

" Vastness… beauty… diversity… numbers… elegance… What an incredible experience for one who loves life and beauty. Thank you for sharing with me, my husband Gary, and my daughter Jane.
The wildlife and scenery were overwhelming. The Masai and their children were thought-provoking. The Morani were unbelievable. A world existing outside my norm. Your staff were so excellent that they are an inspiration to me… #

" You and Kenya have touched our hearts. There have been so many “firsts” on this trip that it is hard to know where to begin. The first time we saw a herd of elephants walk right in front of us, the first time we witnessed the singing wells and Samburu warriors, the first time we watched Santa arrive on a camel.
We look forward to having more “firsts” on a future trip! #

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