Horse riding safari along river bank

ur safaris are designed entirely around the wishes of our guests, riding over a country that is home to abundant wildlife, framed by endless panoramas. The speed, distance and nature of our rides depend entirely on the dynamics of each group.

Because of the sheer multitude of wild animals to be seen, our bespoke horse riding safaris typically alternate between days riding out from our mobile camp, and days on the move. This means we ride into new country every day, and on move days, we might cover between 20 – 40 kilometres. While our skilled crew break and move camp, we ride on horseback to meet them in the late afternoon. Aside from being a unique way to view wildlife, a horseback safari is also one of the most environmentally friendly ways of going on safari. In the event that any of our guests feel a little saddle sore, our four by four safari vehicles are on stand by to take them on game drives.

Traditionally, most of our safaris cater for private parties, however we operate a select number of ‘fixed departure’ rides, on which guests are invited to join a group of other like-minded riders. We offer these on a limited number of set dates throughout the year.


MASAI MARA RIDE : 8 night ride

01 ~ 09 July 2019
15 ~ 23 August 2019
03 ~ 11 September 2019


A SHORT RIDE IN THE MARA : 6 night ride

10 ~ 16 January 2019
23 ~ 29 June 2019 (fully booked)
21 ~ 27 July 2019


THE LOLLBORAN RIDE : 6 night ride

11 ~ 17 June 2019


Detailed day-to-day itineraries, dates, rates and other personalised itineraries are available on request.

" What a privilege, a joy to ride with you in the Mara and share your passion for this incredible land. Each day brought new excitement and many magical moments not to be forgotten: the lions waiting, the Mara crossing and the unforgettable canter with the wildebeest. That was art! Riding Kashan was a treat, she is a lovely and beautiful mare. Thank you so much for letting me rider her and I congratulate you on the wonderful condition of all your horses. Perfect safari horses. Your crew is incredible, efficient, charming and always smiling. You run a perfect operation and I can truly say that in 16 years of riding trips around the world, I put you at the very top! Until we ride again. "