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e tread lightly on the fragile lands of Africa, for this is our future, and this is our home. Our safaris will leave a lifelong impression on you but barely a footprint on the earth.

Environmental Responsibility

Africa’s environment is vast and diverse, but delicate and in need of care. We believe in sustainability, and our operations are environmentally responsible.

  • Our camps are entirely mobile and leave a minimal imprint on the environment.
  • Being on horseback or walking greatly reduces vehicle miles.
  • Non-biodegradable waste from our safaris is returned to Nairobi for recycling.
  • Our camps use solar lighting at night, and use water carefully.

Community Responsibility

The communities that we are involved with have known us since Tony started his safaris in the 1970s.

  • We employ and train from local communities.
  • Our food is home-grown or sourced from organic smallholdings where possible.
  • We encourage visits to traditional villages, thus supporting rural communities.
  • We provide scholarships for students.
  • We support a number of schools by providing books, furniture, and maintaining buildings and infrastructure.
  • We choose lodges that have a strong commitment to community and conservation.

Social Responsibility

In addition to our own efforts, we realise that larger organisations also need support and we have chosen the following groups for their meaningful and effective work.