There are a variety of activities to be enjoyed on your tailor made safari – whether you are honeymooning or bringing the entire family.


One of the most exhilarating safari experiences is the opportunity to see an avian perspective of Kenya’s incredible topography. We work with the best private air charter companies in the country to ensure flexibility and professionalism, and we have the choice between fixed wing air and helicopter charters.


Ideal for those who enjoy solitude and adventure, walking safaris assisted by porters and camels offer the thrill of being on foot in big-game country and an intimate experience with nature.


East Africa is one of the most volcanic areas in the world – mountains to climb include Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya, the Virunga Massif in Central Africa and the Mountains of the Moon in Uganda.


The Albertine Rift is home to a variety of primates, but most noticeably the great apes – chimpanzee and the mountain gorilla. Tracking these near-human species in thick forest is an incredible experience.


There are more than 1,000 different bird species in East Africa. For the keen ornithologist, there are a number of recommended locations in very different habitats.


East Africa is the cradle of mankind. There are several palaeo–anthropological sites to visit of particular interest. On request, either Drs Meave or Louise Leakey may join us to share their expertise in this field.


Fly-fishing, line fishing and deep–sea fishing safaris in Kenya are unrivalled. Lake Victoria is home to the giant Nile perch, rainbow trout in the highlands and challenging tag and release deep–sea fishing on the Indian Ocean.


Gentle rides can be enjoyed in a number of locations while on safari. Approaching zebra and giraffe from a horse is exciting. For guests wishing for a more adventurous riding experience, please view ‘Horseback Safaris’.


Hot air ballooning, night game drives, mountain trekking, SCUBA diving, snorkelling, kite–surfing and sailing.