Horse riding safaris in Kenya’s National Parks

Two generations
wo generations ~
orty-five years of experience
Safari ~ it’s the destination, it’s the journey, it’s the people. It is the sheer thrill of chasing the wild.

afaris Unlimited specialises in offering its guests an intense experience of Africa’s wildlife, landscapes and people. A holiday with us is an unforgettable journey – on horseback, in a vehicle, on foot or from the air; witness panoramic landscapes of unrivalled beauty.

Our horseback riding and wildlife safaris are journeys of discovery and exploration in Africa’s wild and remote places. Your own private and professional safari guide will design a holiday to surprise and excite you, beyond your imagination.

" Safaris Unlimited: Definition: an infinite amount of brain candy, adventure, magic and sunshine wrapped in a Masai blanket. Life at its finest. My life has been so enriched by our safari with you and your crew. Living life with the animals in East Africa and Masai Mara, hearing the sound of hooves moving through the grass and hearing the sounds that excite and calm the soul. Your crew is world class, Blue chip, top of the crop. Thank you for sharing your life, your love, your passion with me. As a little girl I dreamed of riding with wild animals and swimming with dolphins. Little did I know… "

Safaris Unlimited